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Every writer is too close to their creation to see it as readers will see it. There is no substitute for the fresh perspective, experience, and insight a professional editor adds to an author’s work.

Our editorial team works with major Christian publishers on best-selling titles. These same editors will leverage their expertise and experience to ensure that your book achieves its potential.

Copy Edit 

Manuscript prep:

We perform global search and replace for: extra spaces, tabs, incorrect format apostrophes and quotation marks. Apply style formats to subhead levels.

Tracked changes in manuscript include:

Correction of:

  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammatical, typographical and CMOS style errors

We also check for:

  • Awkward or unclear sentences
  • Problematic sentence fragments
  • Table of contents for consistency with chapter titles
  • List items that may require permission or credit (quotes, poems, song lyrics)
  • List queries concerning errors/inconsistencies for author to address
  • Minor proofread to check editing.

Substantive Edit 

  • Remove redundancies
  • Ensure material is logical and understandable
  • Perform minor rewriting
  • Reorganize paragraphs as needed for logical flow
  • In fiction – replace “telling” dialogue tags; change passive voice to active

We also check for:

  • Overall clarity
  • First references to footnotes, figures, and tables
  • Headings for consistency
  • Proper sequence in lists
  • Tables and figures
  • Bible quotes, numbers, and versions and look for consistency and accuracy and correct Bible reference and put them in the correct style and format.


Developmental Edit

Initially edit one chapter for author approval before proceeding to entire manuscript; reorganize sentences, paragraphs, and chapters for logical flow; smooth transitions between sentences, paragraphs, and chapters; rewrite unclear text; ensure consistent structure by adding and deleting headings and subheadings; check for overall clarity and accuracy; enforce consistent style and tone; revise all aspects of the text to improve its presentation.

Plus – proofreading.

Line by line reading and printout of typeset pages marking:

Typos and misspelled words; incorrect words; inappropriate word, line and page breaks; editorial oversights; incorrect number and alphabetical sequences; incorrect vertical and horizontal alignment of text; formatting problems; extra spaces between words and characters; and transposed punctuation.

We also check:

All front matter for accuracy; running headers and page numbers; table of contents and chapter titles; subheads; format consistency; hyphenation and line breaks, orphans and widow; figures and tables; footnotes and endnotes; and bibliography/resources.

Cover Design

Readers really do judge books by their covers, and if you want readers to pick yours up, you need to consider a professional book design. This feature is part art and part science, and professional designers understand what readers look for when making a buying decision.

Your book cover is your billboard. You have just seconds to convince a reader to pick up your book in an eStore or bookstore. We work creatively to design and produce best-in-industry book covers, web images, and collateral materials that give your message a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Custom Cover Design

After filling out a comprehensive cover design questionnaire, our professional designers will produce two (2) initial cover concepts, up to three rounds of revisions.


  • Two (2) initial cover concepts showing front cover and spine, delivered via PDF or JPG
  • With your feedback we refine selected concepts
  • Upon approval, we provide complete cover layout—front, spine, back cover with barcode in position
  • Press-ready PDF to the standards of BelieversPress or any other book printer uploaded to their site and/or yours
  • A 3D JPEG image of your paperback book suitable for use in promotion in publications or online


Recent Publishing Projects

Interior Design

Quality interior design ensures that the book interior gives readers what they expect; a seamless and ordered reading experience. The result is a book that is appealing, readable, and ready to publish.

Our team delivers the sharp design that readers expect, along with the professional production experience that you expect.

Layout and Typesetting   (15 Business Day Turn-Time)

Our process starts with an extensive questionnaire designed to give our typesetters/interior layout teams the best starting point for your project. We layout the first chapter for you in five business days, after which you have the opportunity to make up to 25 layout corrections.

When the corrections are submitted, our team will finish typesetting the remainder of the book and deliver that in ten business days. Our pricing includes placement of up to 10 digital images and delivery of the publishing-ready PDF to you. Suitable for a fiction or non-fiction book (primarily text).

eBook Conversion

Working from your digital files, we create your eBook in a variety of formats including the industry standard EPUB and popular Kindle (MOBI) format.

When requesting a quote, we need the number of pages and words in your book, along with a few other details in order to give you a conversion price. With BelieversBookServices, you own the converted files and can sell them wherever you wish (including on your own website).

What sets our service apart?

  1. We give you options—upload your book in either Word or PDF.
  2. We have real people doing the work for you—there’s no need to pre-format files.
  3. We format for virtually every eBook reader, including the Kindle, Nook, and iPad.
  4. Our technology gives you the opportunity to control your content and the layout of your eBook.
  5. Because we format by hand, your book doesn’t get mangled in an automated process, like it would with so many other ePublishers.

eBook Conversion

We will convert your finished manuscript into ePub (Nook, iBooks, Kobo, and others) and MobiPocket (Kindle native). Suitable for fiction and non-fiction books that are primarily text with some photos & illustrations.

Provide us the details of the book you need to have converted. We’ll issue you an invoice for the cost and get started!

eBook Document Setup

Included in the pricing package:

  • 10 footnotes (+$1 for each additional note)
  • Word documents (a PDF document is +$30 for conversion)
  • Up to 75,000 words (+$0.0018 for each additional word)
  • Up to 10 images (+$3 for each additional image)

Editing services are not included in the pricing but is highly recommended.



    BelieversBookServices specializes in printing services for most book projects. The difference is that we give authors the best possible prices, direct from the printing companies we partner with.

    Our low print prices set authors up for the best retail prices, and optimum sales.


    Like many industries, the print world is filled with terminology that can be difficult to understand. To compound the issue, some of the same terms are used to define different things.

    • Print-on-Demand (POD): a book is printed as needed for any purpose
    • Print-to-Order (PTO): a book is printed to fill a specific order, whether for retail sales, or direct-to-consumer fulfillment
    • Short run printing (digital printing): a few books up to a few hundred books are printed to supply a small inventory or orders
    • Long run printing (offset printing): larger print runts (generally longer than 750 units) which fill a larger inventory or orders

    Important! BelieversBookServices provides authors with some of the best print prices in the industry so that you can sell your books with competitive retail prices, rather than using high print costs and complicated formulas to determine what your readers will pay.

    With this service, a book is printed to fill a specific order, whether for retail sales through a bookseller like Barnes & Noble, or direct-to-consumer fulfillment from an order placed on your website.

    Short Run Printing

    A few books up to a few hundred books are printed to supply a small inventory or orders of multiple copies.

    Long Run Printing

    Printing has evolved from traditional printing (offset presses) for all book printing, to shorter and short runs (digital presses), to a true print-on-demand printing. Long run print runs today, generally happen with orders of 750 books or more.


    BelieversBookServices maintains strategic alliances with a group of professional book printers to secure the best possible print prices for you.

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