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“Sometimes you need more than print-on-demand.  I did a special, full-color, signed, numbered hardcover of a short book I had written with Neil Peart (RUSH). We had a large fan base and a lot of interest, so we decided to do a run of 800 copies…every one of which sold out. Because this is a special project to me, I wanted someone professional who did quality work. Dave Sheets at BelieversBookServices produced an excellent, beautiful product, and I know the fans are as happy as I was.”

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Kevin J. Anderson

New York Times Bestselling Author, Publisher of WordFire Press

“I am thrilled with the work performed by BelieversBookServices on my very first book, Defined by Fire. Dave has assembled a first-rate team that beautifully guided me through every step of the process, from cover design, sizing, and layout design, to printing (and even marketing). They do it all, and they do it most professionally and seamlessly. If you’ve written a book, or are writing one, I strongly recommend you consider this fine company. They have certainly earned my highest recommendation, and I’m looking forward to doing my next book with them.” 

Dr. John Rabins


When I started to take indie-publishing seriously back in 2018, I realized that for as easy as it was to publish a book, publishing it the “right way” proved much harder.

I also realized that, as with many things in life, the path to success is not only based on what you know but also on who you know. Dave Sheets and BelieversBookServices (BBS) have since proven to be crucial allies who’ve walked alongside me on that path.

Earlier in 2020, I published my fourth fantasy novel in a series. I’d been doing a lot of local comic conventions and other live events, and with four fantasy books (plus a handful of other books I’ve written), I knew I would need a decent amount of inventory to be able to keep up with readers’ demands.

I’ve ordered books from a variety of printers, but it had never been enough copies to justify working with BBS. That order, though, of 600 books, was the moment I knew I have to go with BBS. Not only did the books cost less than the other printers I had been using but they also arrived in time (despite short notice on my part) and were of better quality. On top of that, Dave provided excellent customer service the whole time. Since then, I’ve nearly sold out of the first book in the series, Blood Mercenaries Origins: And when I do get close to running out, I know exactly whom I’ll be ordering from: BelieversBookServices.

If you need books printed–especially a LOT of books–check out BelieversBookServices today. You won’t regret it.”

Ben Wolf

Award-Winning, Future Best-Selling Author / Professional Editor, benwolf.com

“The author, Dr. Graham Tronc, is a gynaecologist in Brisbane, Australia. I (Fiona) am his partner and a number of years ago, I required surgery for endometriosis which is a condition in which the tissue lining the uterus (endometrium) is found outside the uterus causing many symptoms including pain and infertility. I ended up having some significant complications and was in hospital for almost 6 weeks. During this time, Graham found himself in the role of ‘significant other’ and not doctor. This different perspective gave him a whole new insight and highlighted the general lack of knowledge around this condition, the challenges with supporting a person with endometriosis and the important role that family, friends, colleagues etc play.  This experience gave him the impetus to write the book.

The process of writing this book literally started with the author, a pen and a blank sheet of paper. In the early stages of writing, it didn’t matter about the order of topics, language, references etc as all this came together over the life of the project.  We engaged a publisher early on to help guide the project, and later on we worked with a BelieversBookServices.

Dr. Tronc decided that self publishing was the best option for his book as it allowed more flexibility and control over the process. BelieversBookServices was recommended to us from the publisher and even though we were in a different country, the process was very simple and streamlined. Communication was prompt and the process was clearly defined regarding time frames and costs. We were given flexibility and options around the look and feel of the end product and Dave worked closely with the typesetter to ensure the layout was correct. We were given samples prior to the final printing and Dave went above and beyond to get us some urgent advance copies for a key meeting we were attending at Parliament House in Canberra, Australia. BelieversBookServices also assisted with the freight and logistics as we needed some stock to remain in the US and some to be sent to Australia.”

Endometriosis 101: For the Significant Other. A comprehensive guide to understanding endometriosis and adenomyosis and how you can provide support, understanding and knowledge for your loved one.

Dr. Graham Tronc


Working with Dave Sheets and Dan Wright at Fitting Words was a sincere pleasure. Not only are they knowledgeable and connected professionals, they understood the larger picture of the purpose of publishing within the church and pastor market – amplifying a pastor’s voice and insights to encourage the 21st century church to remain faithful to the “ancient paths.”

Our conversations were energizing and forward looking. The development of my project was rapid and done with excellence. We were able to go from a draft manuscript of Longing: Finding our way back to Eden to finished product in about 6 weeks*, just in time for its introduction at a major national pastors’ conference.

The objective of Longing was to assist believers, especially pastors, to see repeating, connecting themes throughout Scripture that encourage us all to walk with Christ more intimately.  This book had been “aching in my bones” for over 20 years. It was a personal joy and fulfillment to see it finally completed.”

If interested Longing is available through strategicrenewal.com.

Len Crowley


I had been planning to start my own publishing imprint for my company for a number of years. I had what I thought was a solid book to publish, but I didn’t have a trusted printing/publishing partner to move forward with until I was connected with Dave at BelieversBookServices. Once we connected, I got excited about the prospect for my company’s first book and also excited about the long-term possibilities of what this relationship could grow into. Dave and his company are intentional about helping you produce the best product possible. He doesn’t just offer you a few services to use; he offers his services in partnership with you to ensure your business opportunities grow.

I’d highly recommend Dave for authors looking to publish their books and for companies and small publishing houses who want a trusted partner to move their business forward.

Scott Noble

Founder and Chief Storyteller Noble Creative, LLC/Noble Creative Press Author of “Beyond the Borderland” https://amzn.to/2ZgR3qp @scottdnoble | noblecreative.com | noblecreativepress.com | snoble@noblecreative.com

Good afternoon, all. Just wanted to say that quality of the books that Dave got me 50 of, from one of his printers is substantially better than the quality of the books from Amazon. In comparison, the Amazon cover is more lightweight and less glossy, and the paper inside is more cream and feels a little bit like recycled. The other books are truly awesome and make me feel proud. Unfortunately, since I haven’t had these books until last week, 100s of books have been ordered through Amazon all over the country, but there’s nothing we can do about that. Thank you for all you all did.

Harry Olsen

Author of The Empty Seat

My customer received their baseball and softball journals last Wednesday. Here are her comments, FYI:

We’ve got journals here! They’re really nice. Thanks so much for the work you put in to get these in our boxes. I think subscribers will really like them.

Thanks again for your help with this project!

Karlee Tauzik

Independent Author & Publisher | KarleetT.com

I switched my printing to Believers Book Services over a year ago and it was a great business decision. My books print out beautifully, arriving on time and in good condition. The Believers Books Team is accessible, friendly, and responsive; a breath of fresh air. I recommend BBS to anyone looking to streamline their business.

Melisa Torres

Owner and Author, Perfect Balance Gymnastics Books melisatorres.com

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