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Colorado Springs, CO 80936
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Publish Your Way! BelieversBookServices provides professional publishing services for today's independent author.

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BelieversPress is committed to developing author services and content to enrich the author publishing process. One of the current ways we do this is with our unique Hidden Hazards books that are available for FREE download.

You are a publishing professional. BelieversPress is a professional services organization. You may be a professional editor or designer or you may be working for a traditional publishing house...either way, you have contact with authors every day. How can we work together?

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One of the biggest concerns our authors have is how to fund their new project. Each independent publishing venture is an investment. Enter crowdfunding. This unique fund raising strategy can be a wonderful opportunity for authors. To learn more, download our new Hidden Hazards book called The Hidden Hazards of Crowdfunding Your Book. Download your FREE copy today!