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PO Box 26287
Colorado Springs, CO 80936
United States


Publish Your Way! BelieversBookServices provides professional publishing services for today's independent author.

QuickStart Package

We are pleased to offer a semi-custom publishing option for authors who need professional help on a budget.

limited time offer! normally $2495, now available at $1995!

The industry is changing. You are here because you have a story to tell and a message to deliver. Your dream is to get your content into book form, and successfully sell and distribute it to people who need to read it. Today's traditional publishers are focusing their acquisitions on authors who have large platforms and significant audiences, who are ready to buy their books.

For most authors today, there is another publishing strategy. BelieversPress provides you with the opportunity to independently publish your book, using many of the same publishing experts as traditional publishers, to craft a high quality marketable product. Additional services like ebook conversion, audiobook development, printing and retail distribution make independent publishing with BelieversPress a viable option to create your success story.

Experience the difference.

BelieversPress brings experts from the industry with years of experience to serve you, in a unique publishing solution. You may have lots of questions about the process, and how we can best serve you, and we invite you to explore our website.

We would also love to talk to you!

We have publishing specialists who can quickly help you identify the best path for your publishing project without high pressure sales tactics that you might experience with other companies. Please take a minute to give us some information that we can use when we follow up with you.

QuickStart Publishing Package Features

  • Paperback Format
  • Book Cover Design
  • Interior Formatting
  • Image Insertion
  • Choice of Trim Size
  • Electronic Proof
  • ISBN Number
  • Google Book Preview
  • Author Project Management Team
  • Online Author & Royalty Center Account
  • Nonexclusive Contract
  • Free Paperback Copy
  • Online Distribution
  • International Distribution
  • Bookstore Distribution Availability  
  • Professional Marketing Specialists
  • Additional services available:
    • eBook Formatting & Distribution Service (From $499)
    • Press Release Service (From $399)
    • Back Cover Copy Service (From $299)
    • Editing Services (From $0.02 per word)

(Pricing valid for up to 75,000 words. We will invoice an additional $400 per additional 10,000 word segment)

Quick Start Publishing
1,995.00 2,495.00
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