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PO Box 26287
Colorado Springs, CO 80936
United States


Publish Your Way! BelieversBookServices provides professional publishing services for today's independent author.

Publishing Services

Independent publishing - the choice for today's author desiring control 

Custom publishing solutions built for professionals

These are not your typical publishing packages. We know it. After long hours talking about where we do our best work, we realized: the solutions we’re building are not for amateur level publishing endeavors. We’re built for authors who are building a professional writing career. We’re okay with that. And if you’re a professional or if you are dedicated to producing professional-level commercial product, you’ll be relieved to see services built to suit your needs, cutting no corners. These services aren’t a fit for everyone.

Our clients consist mainly of speakers, ministry leaders and business leaders who know exactly who their audience is, and have already started building their publishing platform. If you’re trying to launch your first book on a shoestring, there are lots of services you can evaluate. If you’re aimed at taking your career as a professional to the next level, we think there’s only one place you can look. Right here.

We offer the following professional services.

* Complicated layout requirements will add additional costs

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