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PO Box 26287
Colorado Springs, CO 80936
United States


Publish Your Way! BelieversBookServices provides professional publishing services for today's independent author.

Interior Design

Quality interior design ensures that the book interior gives readers what they expect; a seamless and ordered reading experience. The result is a book that is appealing, readable, and ready to publish. Our team delivers the sharp design that readers expect, along with the professional production experience that you expect.

interior design (15 business day turn-time)

Our process starts with an extensive questionnaire designed to give our typesetters/interior layout teams the best starting point for your project. We layout the first chapter for you in five business days, after which you have the opportunity to make up to 25 layout corrections. When the corrections are submitted, our team will finish typesetting the remainder of the book and deliver that in ten business days. Our pricing includes placement of up to 10 digital images and delivery of the publishing-ready PDF to you. Suitable for a fiction or non-fiction book (primarily text).

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