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Publish Your Way! BelieversBookServices provides professional publishing services for today's independent author.


Every writer is too close to their creation to see it as readers will see it. There is no substitute for the fresh perspective, experience, and insight a professional editor adds to an author’s work. Our editorial team works with major Christian publishers on best-selling titles. These same editors will leverage their expertise and experience to ensure that your book achieves its potential.

Copy Edit (10 business day turn-time)

Manuscript prep:

Perform global search and replace for: extra spaces, tabs, incorrect format apostrophes and quotation marks. Apply style formats to subhead levels.

Tracked changes in manuscript:


  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammatical, typographical and CMOS style errors

Adjust awkward or unclear sentences; complete problematic sentence fragments; check table of contents for consistency with chapter titles; list items that may require permission or credit (quotes, poems, song lyrics); list queries concerning errors/inconsistencies for author to address; and do minor proofread to check editing.

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Substantive Edit (15 business day turn-time)

Copy editing (listed above) plus:

Check for overall clarity; remove redundancies; in fiction – replace “telling” dialogue tags; change passive voice to active; ensure material is logical and understandable; perform minor rewriting; reorganize paragraphs as needed for logical flow; check for first references to footnotes, figures, and tables; check headings for consistency; check for proper sequence in lists; check tables and figures; check Bible quotes, numbers, and versions and look for consistency and accuracy; and correct Bible reference and put them in the correct style and format.

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Developmental Edit (20 business day turn-time)

Substantive edit (listed above) plus:

Initially edit one chapter for author approval before proceeding to entire manuscript; reorganize sentences, paragraphs, and chapters for logical flow; smooth transitions between sentences, paragraphs, and chapters; rewrite unclear text; ensure consistent structure by adding and deleting headings and subheadings; check for overall clarity and accuracy; enforce consistent style and tone; revise all aspects of the text to improve its presentation.

Plus – proofreading.

Line by line reading and printout of typeset pages marking:

Typos and misspelled words; incorrect words; inappropriate word, line and page breaks; editorial oversights; incorrect number and alphabetical sequences; incorrect vertical and horizontal alignment of text; formatting problems; extra spaces between words and characters; and transposed punctuation.

Also checking:

All front matter for accuracy; running headers and page numbers; table of contents and chapter titles; subheads; format consistency; hyphenation and line breaks, orphans and widow; figures and tables; footnotes and endnotes; and bibliography/resources.

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