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Don't make this mistake: Demanding Reviews




Don't make this mistake: Demanding Reviews

andrew mackay

Today's post is an excerpt from The Hidden Hazards of Reviews, by Shelley Hitz and  Heather Hart at . You can download the whole thing for another few days here.

Demanding Reviews

Authors risk coming across as overconfident — especially in soliciting book reviews. We may assume that everyone will love our book as much as we do, then unintentionally start acting like everyone owes us a review or mention. Nobody likes a braggart. Remember, reviewers are doing you a favor.

Tip: Be humble and value a book reviewer’s time as you approach them. Easy ways to do this:

  •     Ask first. Never send a review copy without permission. 
  •     If the reviewer has a blog where they review books, check for submission guidelines before e-mailing. 
  •     Be willing to accept no as an answer.
  •     Never guilt someone into reviewing your book. It’s unprofessional and can harm you in the long run.

These will help you win friends and fans instead of push readers away.