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Know Your Category

andrew mackay

Selling books in online environments means understanding and aiming for your audience. It's hard to understate the importance of placing your book in the right categories. Here are some reasons why:

- One of the worst things that can happen to your book is ending up in the hands of the wrong reader. Even a good romance won't thrill the heart of most sci-fi readers. You want to be in the right category. It does you no good to mis-label:

- Amazon and most other retailers often display results based on how the books that fit the query are selling. If you're selling well, for instance, in the Fantasy category, you'll show up higher in searches that fit that category.

- Some categories are pretty small. Others are huge. Knowing which category is the right fit allows you to be in with the "right kind" of books.

- On occasion, you might have a book that appeals across a couple of categories. Getting in front of those different readers matters.

So, when it's time to pick categories, stop; research; then make decisions. Don't rush!