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What Should I Be Doing If I Want to Publish in 2015?




What Should I Be Doing If I Want to Publish in 2015?

andrew mackay

It's that time of year... people are reflecting on the year gone by, reviewing their 2014 goals (YIKES) and in general trying to gear up for 2015. 

Of course, around these parts, we think and talk and pray and plan about publishing. So, what should you be doing right now if indie publishing a book is among your list of goals for 2015? 

1. Think about your audience. I wrote more about this here and here... but, truly, after writing a great book, this is the next most important thing an author can get their head around. You have to know who they are, who they listen to for book recommendations, and where they buy. It's not just important, it's the single biggest difference maker as I work with authors. When they know their audience, success is still hard, but it's possible. When they don't, well... it's like chasing a unicorn.

2. Start creating value for your audience. It doesn't need to be related to your book. Engage them where they are. Write guest blogs for sites that target your audience. Create shareable content for social media. Again, none of this needs to be related to your book. Just start being who you are where your audience can interact with you. 

3. Start assembling your team. You're going to need beta readers, editors, designers, printers and distributors. You're also going to need friends. This process is long and tedious. You want people who are going to be on your side, in your corner.

4. Rewrite. Great books aren't written, they're rewritten. Now, you could be the type of writer who never stops rewriting. In that case, this advice isn't for you. I have seen an uptick in writers who assume that first draft equals done. It doesn't. You've got to wrestle with your content. Make it great. (Need help? The folks at BelieversTrust do that sort of thing, and they're good folks, too.)

5. Write a plan. It's very hard to succeed flying by the seat of your pants. If you want to do it right, your plan needs to include not just the publishing plan, but also the marketing plan, the launch plan, and the audience engagement plan.  When it comes to publishing, you need a plan. If we can help, drop us a line or give us a call.