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In the end, it's work.

andrew mackay

How about some good news? There's never been a better time in history to be a writer. That's truth. In fact, you can read lots of blogs and newsletters that will tell you just that. So, today, I'm going to give you the other side:

Successfully publishing is hard work.

You hear this less commonly, but it's no less true. It's simply hard work to write, market, and connect with an audience.

Sometimes we forget what success might look like. I was reminded of this while reading a blog post about hilarious stories from successful musicians. Success looks like hard work. Success sometimes carries tragedy and disappointment with it. Success often means hearing no a million times.

That's not failure. It's success. Failure:

Failure is the person who thinks, I should write, but never does.
Failure is the person who says, "The manuscript is in the drawer," and never gets it out.
Failure is the person who hears no once, and calls it a career.

Success, though:

Success means delivering great content, even if the audience is small.
Success means putting thought into each piece of writing.
Success means getting back on the horse after you're thrown off, especially metaphorically.
Success means hard work.

Here's to your success in 2016!

We love helping you publish. Merry Christmas!


andrew mackay

It's a wonderful time of year to stop and be thankful. We checked in with our staff to ask about some things they're thankful for:

Our CEO, Dave, says:

I am thankful for new beginnings

I am thankful for the beauty around me in the Colorado Rockies showcasing God’s infinite love for us.

Becca, our Project Manager, says:

I am thankful for two beautiful children and seeing the beauty of a fall frost through their eyes.

I am thankful for the opportunity to visit with my Granny on Thanksgiving for the first time in many years.

And Andrew, our VP of Publishing Services, says:

I'm thankful for a good year, full of hard work and fun.

I'm thankful for the holiday season approaching, and the fun that it brings with our friends and family.

We are all thankful for the opportunity to serve you. Happy thanksgiving to you and yours!

- The BelieversPress team.

Success Is Hard Work

andrew mackay

The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.

– Vince Lombardi

Don't forget that the more success you have, the more hard work you will have to do to sustain it. We see it all the time -- do you have the heart to keep this up when you're shipping the 50th package this month? What about the 500th? It sounds amazing -- but then, it's also work. 

Good Design Starts on the Spine

andrew mackay

In the image above, you see the reality of physical book sales. Most often, you don't get the benefit of your book being face-out on the shelf. Most of the time, your readers are going to first engage your book based on the spine.

Depressing? A little, especially if you've got a fantastic cover and a sorry spine. Sadly, I see sorry spines all the time.

So, what makes a good spine? Three things:


If you can't read the text on the spine of your book, who is it serving? It doesn't matter how much you love that typeface, if it's illegible, it's worse than useless: it's confusing. Fix it. Choose to serve your readers through clarity.

This gets particularly difficult if the spine of your book is tiny. Thin spines are really hard to put text on it. Don't try. You'll be glad you didn't.


Contrast, brightness, big, readable type. All of these things help your spine to make an impact across the room. This really dovetails into the clarity point — if it's easy to read, it's good. If it's hard to read, it's hard to sell.


I know you were waiting for this one. Creativity matters, even on the spine. Maybe especially on the spine. But, creativity is best when it stays within wise limits. So, a creative integration of the front cover treatment is great. If your background can wrap around attractively, it doesn't just help the visual, it also helps minimize the visibility of variances within the printer's work. Incorporate a logo that represents your brand.

Bottom line: get creative, but remember that clarity and visibility are more important than creativity!

For the Love of Print

andrew mackay

I grew up with a love for print. I loved books, but I loved print itself, too. I remember visiting my dad's place of work. He was a cut-and-paste man in a print shop. If you know a little about printing, you know that hearkens back to a time before computers were the core of printing. The thing I remember most about that visit is the smells. The way we do the work may have changed, but the smell of ink and paper hasn't.

Fast-forward to the start of my publishing career. That wasn't that long ago. Believe it or not, though, at that time, eBooks weren't a consideration at all. They were simply not a thing. I've been fortunate to be at the front of the eBook revolution. It's fun, but it's not without its challenges.

Building a good publishing strategy that encompasses eBooks and print is essential to your success as a publisher. No matter your genre, eBooks have made an impact. What does vary by genre is just how much of your audience is buying eBooks. Some genres (especially over on the non-fiction side) hover at under 20%. That means without a print strategy, you're missing 80% of your market. Of course, the numbers get better in certain genres. You could reach as much as 55% of your audience with an eBook-only strategy. That's impressive, but there's still 45% of your audience being neglected.

Recently, of course, many in the industry have celebrated the apparent plateau of eBook sales numbers. There may be something to those numbers. The slowdown may also be a result of eBook prices skyrocketing in recent months. It's hard to say. One thing that seems true, at least for now, is that you need a comprehensive print and eBook strategy.

In publishing, things are always changing. The smell of a printed book hasn't changed, though. That's comforting for this son-of-a-printer.

If you need help, whether with your print strategy or your eBook strategy, we'd love to chat.

We love helping you publish.