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PO Box 26287
Colorado Springs, CO 80936
United States


Publish Your Way! BelieversBookServices provides professional publishing services for today's independent author.

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Who We Are

We’re people just like you. We are author-centric—with professionals working side-by-side to realize author’s publishing potential.

Why We Exist

We believe at the core of every person is the need to tell a story, teach a lesson, make a difference. Our purpose is to teach authors how to write well, craft a book, and get their message in front of people.

Professional Experience

We have been serving authors in various capacities for more than twenty-two years. We understand the independent publishing industry doesn’t always deliver on their promises and we strive to be different. At BelieversBookServices, we promise no convoluted schemes, no hidden contracts, and no small-print surprises. We will tell you the truth even if we know it won’t make you happy, and when we make a mistake, we own up to it and we make things right.

Engaged in Future Thinking

We pledge to continue changing as we bridge technology and innovation with solid experience to help you navigate through the rapidly-changing publishing landscape and get your message heard.

What We Do


  • Provides affordable publishing paths

  • Simplifies the complexity of the publishing process

  • Leverages the expertise of experienced publishing professionals

Through BelieversBookServices, authors have access to a full suite of professional publishing services, including:

  • Digital short run and traditional long run printing from 50 books to 50 thousand (or more if needed)

  • Editing, Cover design, Interior layout, eBook conversion, and other Professional publishing services

Why We Do It

We simply want independent authors to have access to the same quality services and final product that traditional authors have access to.

Content Standards

BelieversPress exists to serve authors with an elite team of publishing professionals collaborating to bring messages placed in authors’ hearts to millions around the world. Our focus is to provide the highest standard of excellence in service and business professionalism.

Our customers are free to explore any subject they wish: entertainment, business, culture, politics, cooking, family, fiction, memoir, etc. We reserve the right to not publish some content.